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A. Aims of AIC

AIC is a non-for-profit Organization. Since 1999, it provides Consultancy Companies and International Institutions with Highly Qualified Experts for short-, medium- and long-term assignments on a very short notice. In other words, AIC is an intermediary matching the supply of independent experts with the requirements of companies bidding for tenders of national and international agencies like the World Bank, USAID, the EBRD, the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, etc. AIC is also providing directly these International Agencies with experts.

An independent Professional Organization, AIC is not affiliated or in any way associated neither with any company, international group nor with any government, or International Institution. The highest level of confidentiality is an absolute guaranty.

AIC has already built a comprehensive Database of Donor Country Consultancy Companies (including companies from all EU Countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc.). It presently includes some 1,816 firms who registered themselves online since 2004 in the AIC database. For these companies, we have a total of 2,218 e-mail addresses (several contacts for each company). In addition, we have 2589 e-mail addresses of companies who did not register yet online into the AIC database. In total this represents 4,807 e-mail addresses of firms all over the word, bidding for international tenders from World Bank, USAID, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission, African Development Bank, etc. and also bidding for national tenders from bilateral donors.

B. Copyright

Reproduction by any means of AIC website pages is not authorized, even for non commercial purposes. Any use of any part of pages contained in this web site can only be done with the written consent of AIC.

C. About this Site

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