180 Euros 135 Euros Per Year

The Job Opportunities service offers the following:

  • You are regularly informed, via our E-mail Alert System, about new job opportunities.
  • You can access the full details of all Current Job Job Opportunities managed by AIC and submit online in one click your application.
  • Companies have the possibility to access your CV when searching the AIC online database of experts.

If you want your CV mailed as an MS Word attachment, with your full coordinates, to all companies in the AIC database, upgrade to the AIC CV Broadcast Service.

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AIC is a not-for-profit Organization. Since 1999, it helps Junior and Senior Experts to get interesting short, medium and long-term assignments proposed by companies bidding for tenders of national and international agencies like the United Nations, World Bank, USAID, the EBRD, the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, etc. Every year, AIC is publishing thousands of searches for experts.

AIC has dealt with exactly 22,892 (real time figure) job opportunities for experts issued by companies and International Institutions between June 1999 and September 2021.