AIC Bank Coordinates

For a direct transfer to the AIC bank account, use the AIC bank coordinates below and add 30 Euros in lieu of transfer charges taken over by banks (issuing bank, intermediary banks and receiving bank). If you want to save this 30 Euros transfer charges, use the Secured and Encryped Internet Payment System

Bank Name: LA POSTE (France)
Bank address for any correspondence: CRSF 69900 Lyon Chèque (this is the full postal address)
Number of the bank (établissement): 20041
Bank Agency number (guichet): 01007
AIC account number in this bank (numéro de compte): 0896684E038
Clé RIP: 85
Iban: FR16 2004 1010 0708 9668 4E03 885

Ask your bank to mention on the transfer the full family name and first name under which you are registered with AIC, otherwise, we have no way to know who did the payment.